Supor Ever 28cm F10A28 Hard Oxidized Non-Stick Pan with comfortable handle for convenient operation.

The product uses aluminum alloy material to help the pan spread heat quickly and evenly, food is always cooked evenly and more delicious.

Inside, a safe non-stick substance is used according to the standards of the French SEB group, so you can feel completely secure when using the product. Made from high quality materials.

The product is made from international 3003 aluminum alloy for durability.

Highly durable, abrasion resistant, providing long usage time. Therefore, housewives can safely use the pan without worrying about it being quickly damaged due to the impact of fire or heat, food...

Safe non-stick material Structure includes 6 layers: Non-stick layer, layer Reinforcement, inner base layer, hard oxidation layer, aluminum alloy layer, powder coating layer make the pan with a thickness of up to 2.2 mm, transmits heat quickly and evenly.

Supor high-quality non-stick pan uses international aluminum alloy material 3003, 2.2mm thick pan body transmits heat quickly, has high hardness, solid and durable. than stainless steel.

The surface is a non-stick layer processed by unique Durasurface technology, which increases the adhesion of the non-stick layer to the surface of the pan.

Anti-slip pan bottom The pan has intelligently designed textured layers that help when you place the pan on the kitchen surface, it will not be slippery, and will not affect cooking.



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