Pan diameter: 22 cm
International aluminum alloy 3003
Exclusive red dot technology
Heat insulated handle
Can be used on induction cookers
Made in Viet Nam
The pan conducts heat quickly

The blue Supor F17A22IH-22CM pan is made from aluminum alloy to help conduct heat quickly, retain heat well, radiate heat evenly. Just use a moderate amount of cooking oil to help the dish cook quickly, cook evenly and retain its color and flavor. , ensuring nutrients.

The Supor pan has a super durable non-stick coating on the inside, which helps keep dishes from sticking when cooking, minimizes burning and is easy to clean.

The pan has the best temperature indicator to start cooking. The red dot located in the center of the pan during the heating process gradually fades and disappears, at which point the pan body has reached the appropriate temperature to start cooking. When the pan returns to normal temperature, the patterns on the red dots will reappear.

Supor F17A22IH-22CM blue pan with temperature indicator mechanism
Supor pan F17A22IH-22CM blue with insulated handle
Heat insulated handle

  • The blue Supor F17A22IH-22CM pan has a plastic handle with high heat insulation and fire resistance properties, eliminating worries about burns and heat, making it easy to move the pan during operation.

    Product characteristics
    Model: F17A22IH-22CM
    Color: Yellow
    Manufacturer: Supor
    Made in Viet Nam
    Pan type: Non-stick
    Type of stove used: Induction stove
    Pan material: International aluminum alloy 3003
    Handle material: Heat insulation
    Pan diameter: 22cm



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