High quality aluminum alloy material
The pan is made of high quality aluminum alloy, conducts heat quickly and radiates heat evenly. In addition, light weight aluminum material brings convenience when working in the kitchen and increases product durability.
The pan has a non-stick coating and a heat-resistant coating
The pan is coated with an effective anti-stick agent and covered with a heat-resistant outer layer. Therefore, the product is suitable for frying and frying without worrying about food sticking to the surface of the pan. At the same time, the anti-fouling outer layer helps users easily clean the product after use.

+ Everyway non-stick pan, bottom diameter 28cm, has a fire-resistant Bakelite handle, well insulated with standard length, easy to operate without causing heat or burning hands.
+ Deep non-stick pan makes it easy to stir-fry food inside, avoiding food falling out.
+ Transparent glass lid makes it easy to observe the food inside while frying/stir-frying without having to open the lid. In addition, the lid of the pan helps keep the air tight, making food cook faster when stir-frying.
+ Stainless steel food rack is installed on the side of the pan, convenient when frying food.
+ The pan handle has a hook so you can hang the pan on a shelf when not in use, saving space and tidying up the kitchen area.



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