KitchenArt Paper Filter Coffee Filter Paper for Espresso, Aeropress, Moka Pot Unbleached Without Bleach

Introduce unbleached coffee filter paper for a cleaner, fresher coffee experience. Made from high quality wood pulp, this filter paper is designed for Espresso, Aeropress, and Moka Pot. Available in various sizes such as 51mm, 53mm, 58mm and 60mm so it can be adjusted to your needs.

Compared to conventional filter paper, this filter paper has a naturally darker color and is thicker, so it can filter coffee better. The manufacturing process does not use bleach, making this filter paper more environmentally friendly and safe for health.

This coffee filter paper is also easy to use and provides consistent results with every brew. Suitable for use at home or in coffee shops. Enjoy a fresher and tastier cup of coffee with coffee filter paper from PengenKopi.

Note: Please choose the size that suits your coffee machine. Each package contains 100 sheets.

Available sizes:

* 51mm
* 53mm
* 58mm
* 60mm, Fit for Aeropress



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