Puck Screen 150 Micron 58mm / 57mm / 51, 49mm Stainless Portafilter Basket

Puck Screen Filter Mesh for Expresso Portafilter Coffee is a tool that is very helpful in making quality espresso coffee. Made from food grade 316 stainless steel which is food safe and environmentally friendly.

This filter is available in three different sizes, namely 49mm, 57mm, and 58mm to be used on different espresso coffee machines. With a thickness of 1.7mm and a filter density of 150 microns, you can produce high-quality espresso with a richer taste and more intense aroma.

This filter is easy to use and easy to clean after use. With the Puck Screen Filter Mesh, you can enjoy a cup of high quality espresso coffee.

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* Available Size: 58mm / 57mm / 51mm/ 49mm
* Material: Food Grade SU316 Stainless Steel
* Thickness: 1.7mm

Note: Package contains Stainless Steel Screen Puck only, Filter holder is not included



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