Are you a true coffee lover? Make sure you have the right tools to produce the best tasting coffee. This tool is perfectly designed to make it easier for you to extract the desired coffee. Coffee Tamper with Black Handle and Red Ring will meet all your needs to extract coffee perfectly.

Made from strong stainless steel, this Coffee Tamper has a black handle with a signature red ring which makes it look retro and classic and makes it easy for you to use. Available in 51mm and 58mm sizes to match the size of the portafilter on your espresso machine.

This tool has the right weight and provides consistent pressure when pressing your coffee. The result is consistent and flavorful coffee extraction. So, make sure you have the right tools to extract delicious and delicious coffee with the Coffee Tamper Black Handle With Signature Red Ring.


* Size: Available in 51mm and 58mm
* Material: Stainless Steel with Black Handle and Signature Red Ring
* Ergonomic Grip



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