• Gas Convection Oven with Steam
  • 8 Tray
  • Luxurious outlook. Delizia Convection Oven Made with heating pipe and heating exchanger, high quality and extra thick insulation material.
  • Microcomputer control pannel, automatic computerized control
  • Temperature control system, which ensure best baking result.
  • Rotary heating fan, for uniform, even heating distribution.
  • Double control system of surface and bottom, for the best baking enviroment.
  • The biggest feature of the hot blast oven is that there is only one kind of temperature in the body, and the heat of the heating tube is transmitted through the motor to each place of the inner compartment.
  • Compared to conventional furnaces, it saves energy, space as well as timing.
  • The liner height is 11cm.
  • The distance can be adjusted for more uniform heat transfer.
  • With steam device for dehydrate function.
  • Dimension: 905x1450x1280 mm
  • Inner Dimension: 420x610x920 mm



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