Are you tired of throwing away coffee grounds in a messy and disorganized way? The solution is with Knock Box! This Knock Box is specifically designed to dispose of coffee grounds easily and neatly. The Knock Box is available in black and is made from quality materials such as rubber, stainless steel and durable ABS. With an anti-slip surface, the Knock Box does not slip easily when used. Dispose of coffee grounds easily and neatly with the Knock Box!


Minimalist Design
The design of this tool is very minimalist, very suitable when combined with your espresso coffee maker. This tool is also equipped with a detachable rubber bar and non-slip rubber gasket.

Anti Slip
This container box is designed with anti-slip foam at the bottom so it will not shift easily during use.

ABS Material
This box is made from ABS material which has strong durability.



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