The KitchenArt Manual Grinder Travel Case is a very useful accessory for coffee lovers who travel frequently. Designed in an elegant black color, this travel case is equipped with various features that make it easier for you to carry your manual grinder wherever you go.

This travel case has dimensions of approximately 20 x 5.5 x 11 cm, which is suitable for accommodating a manual grinder with a maximum height of 20 cm and a maximum diameter of 5.5 cm. This travel case also has high protection, so it can protect your manual grinder from damage or scratches that may occur during travel.

Please note that the grinder manual is not included in this package and is used for illustration purposes only. However, you can fit various types of manual grinders into this travel case, including the 1ZPresso J-Max as seen in the photo.

With this Manual Grinder Travel Case, you can carry your manual grinder wherever you go safely and easily. Get an extraordinary coffee experience anywhere with this high-quality travel case, only at PengenKopi Official!


* Color: Black
* Type: Travel case

Max Load:

* Grinder Height: max 20cm
* Max Diameter: 5.5 cm

Note: Grinder is not included



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