Since 2007, Shark Angels has fearlessly led the charge in shark conservation, envisioning a world where fear transforms into fascination. Picture a global network of dedicated individuals, bound together in a mission to empower the public through education and scientific exploration. Through their multifaceted approach, encompassing science, education, diving, legislation, and outreach, Shark Angels has achieved awe-inspiring feats that continue to leave us breathless.


“Love what we understand”

Shark Angels revealed the occurrence of illegal shark fin trading in 20 countries across a span of 5 years. Moreover, the organization successfully established the largest shark sanctuaries in the world, namely Palau, Bahamas, and Fiji.

"Understand what we are taught"

Shark Angel has dedicated over 7,000 hours to providing shark education on a global scale. Additionally, they have collaborated with children from around the world to establish a Youth program.


This fascinating creature exemplified all that is beautiful on this planet. The extraordinary power of nature. A vital reminder of what we must respect and protect.

Shark Angels' Founder-Julie Andersen

The Limited Special Edition

Gifts For Shark Lovers

Experience the exclusive Outin Nano in a captivating hue inspired by the vastness of the ocean. This distinct color in ocean blue not only represents our commitment to preserving the beauty of our planet, but also acts as a reminder of our collective responsibility to safeguard our enchanting blue planet.


Up to 5 Cups

With Cold Water

200+ Cups

With Hot Water


Maximum Water Level

Small in Size, Big in Power

By preserving the sharks, we safeguard the delicate balance of the ocean's ecosystem—a vast network interconnected with every corner of our planet. As the oceans encompass the majority of our Earth, protecting these majestic creatures is an act of preserving the very essence of our world. It is an acknowledgment that the vitality of our planet, its biodiversity, and the intricate interplay of life forms are all interwoven with the majestic depths of the seas.


Designed Shark-Shaped Keychain

This shark-shaped keychain is our special creation, crafted exclusively to complement this unique gift box. When you attach it to the Nano protective case or your backpack, it becomes a symbol of our collective dedication to preserving sharks. As a token of gratitude for joining us in this crucial mission, this keychain serves as a reminder of your role as an eco-warrior. Let it proudly showcase your commitment while making a positive impact on our planet's majestic creatures.



Nano Portable Espresso Machine Set (Ocean Blue)

  • Light Weight: Weighted Less than 700 g
  • Fast Heating: Only 180 seconds* to Heat Up
  • Rich Crema: Up to 92°C/198°F through 20 Bars Pressure with Richer Crema Coffee
  • Long Battery Life: 7500 mAh Battery for 5 times* Cold Water / 100+ Hot Water Brews
  • Pro-level Standards: European Certified Materials & Coffee Brewing Center Standards
  • Universal Charging: in 12V or 24V Car Charger and USB Charger( >10W)
  • 2 in 1 Coffee Method: Feature with Ground Coffee and Coffee Capsules

In The Box

Nano Portable Espresso Machine Set (Ocean Blue)

OUTIN Nano Protective Case

Nano coffee cup

Not In The Box

Nano Basket Plus Upgrade Kit

Accessories (Not Included)

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