General product characteristics: Supor HAD6S1 3-piece aluminum alloy pot set

Supor HAD6S1 pot set is made of thick aluminum alloy, conducts heat quickly, radiates heat evenly to help dishes cook quickly and save gas. Soft oxidation technique according to international advanced technology, creates 3 solid layers around the pot wall, helping the pot to be highly durable and isolate food from direct contact with aluminum, ensuring safety for users' health. .

Glass pot lid

The transparent glass pot lid helps you observe throughout the cooking process, preventing food from boiling over or drying out. Heat resistance prevents the lid from deforming at high temperatures, covers the pot tightly and retains food heat well.

Pot set includes three pieces

With 3 different sizes: diameter 16cm (capacity 1.8 liters), 20cm (capacity 3.2 liters) and 24cm (capacity 5.4 liters)



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