Sustainable Profile Coffee - Guatemala

Location: Guatemala, Palencia

Farm: El Socorro

Producer: Diego de la Cerda

Varietal: Washed Yellow Bourbon

Roast Profile: Medium (creating a rich and sweet character) works for Espresso & Filter

Flavor Notes: Macadamia & Honeydew melon

Sweetness: ●●●●○
Body: ●●●●○
Acidity: ●●○○○

Our recipes

These recipes reflect the approach to coffee served in our Showroom.

The filter recipe is based on our own april Brewers (flat-based) and our april Paper Filters.As for espresso, the recipes are designed using a Modbar AV.

All of our grind settings reference a Ditting Sweet Lab 804. You can adjust your grind settings as necessary and use the recommended brew time as a reference.

Filter Brewing

Dose: 13g

Water: 200g at 94°C

Grind size: 8,5

Brew time: 2:30-3:30 min

Target TDS: 1.25 - 1.35

Begin your brew with an initial 100g pour. Use your first 30g of the pour to saturate the coffee bed evenly whilst implementing a circular pouring technique.

Continue your pour by completing the final 70g pour into the center of the coffee bed. Replicate this pouring format once again, commencing your second pour at 30 seconds. Finish the brew with a total brew time of 3:00 minutes.

Example of the pouring structure:

1. 30g Circle Pour - 70g Center Pour (0:00)

2. 30g Circle Pour - 70g Center Pour (0:30)

Espresso Brewing

Dose (in): 19g

Dose (out): 45g (1:2.4)

Grind Setting: 4,2

Brew Time: 25-30s

Target TDS: 6.5 - 8

Dose and distribute carefully using a scale capable of reading to an accuracy of 0,1g. You must first identify the size of your filter basket - preferably of the brand and variety 'VST 'Ridgeless'.

We recommend using a dosage within +/-1g of the size of the basket.

Please adjust your grind settings as necessary and use the recommended brew time as a reference.


Grind Size: 6

Dose (in): 10g

Brew Water: 170g at 100°C

Brew Time: 4:00

Days from Roast: 15

Target TDS: 1.27 - 1.33

About this coffee

Yellow Bourbon is typically sweet, delicate in flavour, and complex. This variety may be traced back to 1930 in Pederneiras, Sao Paulo.We are not exactly sure of how the Yellow Bourbon came to be, some claim that the variety resulted through natural breeding of Botucatu’s Yellow and Red Bourbon, while other think that the plant is a natural mutation of Red Bourbon.

Sweetness: ●●●●○

Body: ●●●●○

Acidity: ●●●○○


About the Farm

El Socorro is a farm known for its consistent quality and exceptional stability, placing highly over consecutive years in the Guatemalan Cup of Excellence competitions. Diego is a third generation farmer, having held the reigns at the farm for last 15 years, during which the number of varietals on offer have increased and the production methods have become more consistent and unique.

El Socorro produce fantastically clean washed processed coffees, utilising hot water following the milling process to accelerate the fermentation. Diego believes that reducing the fermentation time maintains the optimal density of the bean leading to a greater cup quality.

This is the first year that we are working with coffee from El Socorro and we are very excited to welcome the team into the april Partner Farmer family.


Sustainable Profile

This project is about creating more value for our Partner Farmers by purchasing a larger range of their coffees and at the same time allowing them to define their own price for their coffee.

Why we are proud to call it our House Coffee

Sustainable Profile is about growing together with our producers. We achieve this through open and honest conversations with them. If you ask, most producers would tell you that they are looking for partners that can purchase a wide range of their coffees - not just the micro- and nano lots.

That is where our SP coffee comes into the picture. It’s focused on purchasing larger lots from the producers we already purchase our small April lots from. In this way, we create more value for the farmer and make sure we get the highest quality coffee in volumes that allow you to enjoy the same coffee all year round.

We never leverage our partner farmers to support our growth, by asking them for lower prices. Instead, we let the farmer tell us what price they want - from that we do an evaluation of the coffee making sure it correlates with our quality standards.

Since the start of this project, we have grown from 50 bags of coffee the first year to 200 bags for the 2020 season.


April Coffee

April is a coffee roastery, rooted in Copenhagen with the vision to progress the way we roast coffee. We believe that where you are matters. It shapes you as a person and a company, that is why we are in Copenhagen. April is an extension of our interpretation of the city. At April we focus on roasting coffee. That is what we do. It’s our profession and our passion.



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