Silicone Tamper Mat is a coffee tamping mat made from high quality silicone. This tamping mat is specifically designed to assist baristas in extracting the perfect coffee. This tamping mat has the right shape to hold the portafilter so it doesn't shift during the tamping process, thus producing consistent espresso.

Silicone Tamper Mat is very suitable for use in espresso machines at home or in coffee shops. The silicone material used in this mat is non-toxic and will not affect the taste of coffee. Apart from that, the silicone material is also heat resistant so it is safe to use when tamping hot espresso.

Silicone Tamper Mat has a soft and non-slip surface texture, so it will not easily slip or shift when used. This tamping mat is easy to clean and does not get dirty easily because of the non-stick silicone material.

Get a more comfortable and easier coffee tamping experience by using the Silicone Tamper Mat. Buy now, only at PengenKopi Official!


* Barista Tamper Mat (20 x 15 x 3.5) cm
* Rubber Material



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