• 1.4L super large grinding chamber and precision grinding element, which can dispose of more food wastes in a super-fast manner
  • The compact structural design and light overall weight make the installation of the limited cabinet space possible
  • Convenient and fast installation system, firm, stable and easy to install
  • The powerful grinding system is a computer-assisted high-precision balancing component that can reasonably generate powerful torque, high grinding speed and long service life.
  • The permanent magnet DC motor provides a strong torque output, which solves the potential problem of stuck.
  • Grinding block without sharp blade, safe design
  • Full soundproof noise system, more silent, less vibration
    Easy to disassemble splash shield, convenient for cleaning and replacement.
    Air switch without wiring connection, safe control and easy installation
    Hygiene and health: remove all kinds of pollution and hazards caused by kitchen garbage on the kitchen and ground. Use materials with bacteriostatic rate>99% in the whole chamber.

Environmental: build a healthy kitchen and a green home, and realize the reduction, harmlessness and recycling of waste disposal.

Technical parameters:

  • Voltage/frequency: 220V/50Hz
  • Current: 3.25A
  • HP: 3/4 HP
  • Motor speed: 2700 pm
    Input power: 550W
  • Noise standard: ≤ 70db
  • Capacity: 1400ML
  • Motor: permanent magnet DC motor
  • Overload device: Overload protection
  • Grinding system: stainless steel



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