Our Wine Climate Cabinet uses cutting-edge design and technology to ensure optimal temperatures and conditions. We have designed our Wine Cabinet with the highest quality materials, for a solid, sturdy stance. With three climate zones, app integration, humidity control, LED lighting and so much more, it's perfectly calibrated to protect and store your wine. It's a jewel to behold; and will light up when you say hello.

  • Installation: Freestanding
  • Range: Elements
  • Colour of the product: Pearl Black

Precise Temperature

Precise temperature controls let you choose whether you want to preserve your wines, age them, or bring them to serving temperature. You select the desired temperature for the selected zone directly in the UI or in the app. The sensitive cooling system ensures a non-fluctuating temperature level.



No Vibration

The Wine Climate Cabinet's high-quality compressor ensures consistent temperatures in each compartment. Vibration when storing wine can dull flavours, which is why our compressor is virtually vibration-free and the racks placed on soft gliding telescopic rails. There is also a vibration sensor which will trig an alarm if vibrations exceed normal level.

UV Protection

Another important aspect to storing wine is keeping it from harmful UV light. The glass in the door of the Wine Climate Cabinet protects your collection from the UV lights that could potentially damage your valuable wine.

Stable Humidity Level

The Wine Climate Cabinet keeps the humidity level at around 70% – an optimum level for wine storage and for the cork to stay fresh until it is time for serving. You can check on the cabinet's humidity levels at any time - either in the UI or in the app.

Serving Area

After putting so much love into storing your wine, and bringing it to the right temperature, it deserves to be served perfectly. The ASKO Wine Climate Cabinet has a serving area with room for your glassware and accessories and a controllable light for inspecting the wine. The serving area can be converted into shelves, if you want to fit more bottles into your cabinet.

Fully Connected

The Wine Climate Cabinet's companion app is connected to the Vivino database – putting a wealth of information at your fingertips and allowing you to log and keep track of your collection.

Virtual Sommelier

Log your wine collection in the ASKO Wine Climate Cabinet's companion app, and you will receive expert advice about how to store it, how long you should keep it for – and when it's time to drink it.

Knows your collection

Using either the cabinet's integrated camera or the companion app on your smartphone, you can scan the labels on your bottles and log them in your inventory. It'll keep track of what you have, putting the information at your fingertips, and remember where on the shelves each bottle is. You can even put notes on your special wines, to remember who gave them to you or to drink it at a special occasion.



190 bottles capacity

The ASKO Wine Climate Cabinet has room for up to 190 bottles, storing them in roomy, telescopic shelving systems which are easy to access. Small built-in chalkboards let you label your collection on the shelves.

The right light

A sophisticated lighting system lets you choose a backdrop colour for the serving area, and provides a source of light for the room it’s in – bright for when you’re serving, softer and warmer when you’re relaxing with your wine.


Three zones

Since different wines require different temperatures, the ASKO Wine Climate Cabinet contains three individual temperature zones. They're perfectly sealed off from one another and the temperatures are kept at an exact, even level


Construction and performance
Number of temperature zones3
Fan for even distribution of coolingYes
Type of wooden shelvesWith soft closing telescopic guides
Included accessoryHumidity box clay
Use and flexibility
Gross volume562 l
Gross volume fridge562 l
Usable volume517 l
Usable volume fridge517 l
Number of hangers for glasses2
Fridge compartment illuminationLED strip on ceiling
LED strip under the partition wall
Dimming lighting
RGB lighting
Wine cooler illuminationWith function
Wine cooler illumination functionsAdjustable RGB light
Time setting illumination
Adjustable warm-cold light
Automatic when door opens
Number of removable shelves8 pcs
Max number of wine bottles (0,75 litre)190 pcs
Number of marking plates7
Smart inventory systemYes
Interaction and control
Notice about too high/too low humidityYes
Notice for filter changeYes
Camera for scanning wine labelsYes
Vibration sensorYes
Proximity sensorYes
Virtual sommelier (Digital)Yes
Design and integration
Support feet2 wheels/2 adjustable feet
Door hinge placementRight/Left
Additional equipmentLinking kit side by side
Shelve set
Safety and maintenance
Alarm open doorYes
Memory function in case of power failureYes
Number of charcoal filters3
Technical data
Noise level (max)38 dB(A)
Climate classesSubtropic
Annual energy consumption (Aec)142 kWh
Connected load160 W
Voltage (V)220-240 V
Frequency50 Hz
Humidity levelFrom 50 % to 80 %
Height1920 mm
Width700 mm
Depth797 mm
Length of electrical cord3000 mm
Net weight171.5 kg
Logistic information
Packaging height2035 mm
Packaging width810 mm
Packaging depth920 mm
Gross weight186.2 kg
Product code738393
EAN code3838782512216

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